What The Speakers Studio can do for you

In both personal and professional settings, The Speakers Studio can help you stand confidently in front of others and be seen and heard. You’ll also learn the importance of listening as a fundamental communication skill.
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What are Speaking Circles®?

Speaking Circles involve small groups of people using Relational Presence to help them develop their skills as speakers and listeners.
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Report: 5 Things to Remember When Speaking to a Group

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Be real, be confident, be yourself

Using principles and techniques derived from Speaking Circles®, The Speakers Studio can help anyone feel comfortable being themselves and be truly effective speaking in front of a group.
Through The Speakers Studio you’ll learn to:

  • speak with ease and impact, naturally and authentically
  • be fully present and feel connected with everyone in a group setting
  • manage performance anxiety, overcome stage fright, and feel supported by your listeners
  • be confident speaking to groups (personally or professionally) by simply being yourself
  • listen to, connect with, and appreciate others without judgment or distraction
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